Front Porch Project

We are re-doing the front porch. We started with the roof and replaced the old corrugated metal roof with a new wooden structure and polycarbonate sheets.



The Process

First, we dug the holes for the cement posts. Then we placed the reinforced steel inside.

Next, we lined the holes with building plastic. This will act as a barrier between the soil and the concrete. The next step was to try out our brand-new concrete mixer. We were both excited to use it.

Chris made the boxing for the concrete posts out of salvaged wood. It took about 4-5 days for the concrete to set properly.

Prepping the Wood!

We bought the wood from a local wood supplier and were quite surprised by the quality and price of the wood. Here in Ecuador, exotic wood is easily available and affordable.

The next step involved cutting, treating and varnishing the wood. We were blessed with a few sunny days and this sped up the drying process for the wood treatment and varnish.

When the wood was ready, we began building the structure. First, we did the posts, then we did the ledgers with notches, followed by the rafters.

Frame Completed!

The final step was to add the polycarbonate sheets. We chose terracotta as the main color and used transparent sheets in front of the windows.


Re-doing the concrete!

Old and Narrow







The first thing we did was break-up the old concrete and clear all the sod and organic matter from the area.

Next, we had to make sure the slope of the soil was correct, allowing for a bit of a down-slope. Of course, Jax helped too!

We then added a layer of gravel to help with drainage and a layer of sand to protect the builder's plastic!

Next, we lined the boxing with builder's plastic and

placed the rebar that acts as reinforcement for the concrete.

Then the fun started with the mixing of the concrete. Luckily we have a medium-sized concrete mixer and it made everything easier and faster.

Finally, it was time to pour the first block's concrete. Chris built a DIY bull float. A very handy tool that helps with the finishing.

Getting ready for the 2nd slab.

Voila! 2nd slab Done!

And so, the 1st slab was completed.

Two Thirds Completed!

And finally, we poured the 3rd slab. It took about a week to do each slab as we had to do the preparation for each one and we had to wait for the concrete to cure.