Constructing Our New Garage/Workshop!

We are in the process of building a garage/workshop next to the house. We began with half of the roof!

We started the frame by preparing the steel for the posts, the rafters, and the cross beams. We bought 6-meter lip channels for this. Since the span of the cross beams is 4m, some of the lip channels needed to be cut to size. For the posts, Chris welded two lip channels together.

The rest of the preparation included sanding the steel and applying an anti-rust treatment. A very important aspect of dealing with humidity. Finally, we painted it with a 3-in-1 primer.

In order to plant the posts, we dug holes roughly 1m deep. We placed each post inside a reinforced mesh and then inside the hole. It was then filled with a 3-2-1 concrete mix. 3 parts gravel, 2 parts sand, 1 part concrete.

Next, Chris welded the rafters and crossbeams. We live remotely, and our local hardware store didn't have any scaffolding to rent, so we had to come up with many inventive ideas!

Finally, up went the roof! Yeah!

A Beautiful and Practical Roof! We DID it!