Raising Pigs on


Usually, pigs are kept in solid concrete floor pens with manual removal of manure and urine. This waste needs to be collected and disposed of in some way. Plus, if you've ever been around a traditional pen you can attest to the smell.   However, there is an alternative to this.  Why not solve the waste solution before it leaves the pen? Deep Bedding is made from dry hay/grass or any other natural absorbing dry matter.  We started with a layer of around 30 cm and every other day more grass is added as needed. You would think that the layer would become bigger and bigger but it doesn't. It compacts, yet it's still airy enough to completely erase the smell of the waste.  The pigs are automatically happier because they tend to easily get foot diseases, plus they have something soft to sleep on.

What do you do with the bedding?

After a few months, the bedding can be removed and used in starting a compost system. It can also be added to an existing compost to speed up the process.

Our 1st pigs 26/10/21. - Two brothers. Then we got two more on 30/11/2021. Welcome, little sisters!